Pozzetti ice cream, 6.5L

The market is constantly shifting. If we take a look at the situation in Croatia, we could count the number of Pozzetti confectioners on one hand, while in foreign markets, these confectioners are one of the most visited overall. Since we export our products and we are very familiar with foreign markets, we know that people line up in front of confectioners that offer only Pozzetti ice cream. We believed that it was time to act and that we should make our own Pozzetti ice cream. This seemed easy at first, but we had to invest a lot of resources into new technology to succeed. During the process of development of these products, it was necessary to understand the whole concept because we honestly did not understand in the beginning why customers would buy ice cream that is in some kind of tube with a lid on, and they could not even see the product. When a customer sees our products displayed attractively in an ice cream cabinet, he or she simply cannot resist and has to stop and buy some ice cream. Just the look of the ice cream brings up emotions in the customer, and you just get a strong desire to have ice cream, although you maybe did not plan on having it. What is it that makes customers in other markets wait in lines for their scoop of the Pozzetti ice cream? If you take a close look at the concept behind these shops, you will see that it all makes sense if you meet enough parameters. Namely, Pozzetti shops are almost always indoors and have this clean, minimalistic look. Other products are rarely offered, and when they are, they go hand in hand with the ice cream, giving it a little something extra. In line with this concept, there is no impulsive shopping, you came to that shop just because you want ice cream. This means that most of the customers waiting in line are there because they came back since they were satisfied the first time, while the others are there simply out of curiosity. Also, every flavour offered has a unique story and combination. So, you can find gluten free ice cream, vegan ice cream, ice cream without E numbers, and so on. The whole concept addresses a new type of audience that wants healthy, delicious ice cream, and wants its ice cream covered with a lid, because it looks more sanitary. All of this packed up into a single concept suddenly makes sense just because there are only few associates for this product who are ready to set up a Pozzetti shop. You cannot just place an ice cream cabinet in a shop and call it a day. This kind of concept entails that you decorate the whole space in that style and tie everything up with a story. So, this has to be a Pozzetti ice cream shop, and nothing more or less. The ice creams are placed in a special cabinet, something that is not available on the Croatian market. Which brings us to the question: who can you sell ice cream which is ready to eat in Pozzetti shops to? After discussing this with our current partners, we have concluded that there is an interest on their part to open up a special Pozzetti shop. Usually, it is a challenge to find a space in bigger cities where it would be possible to place two large ice cream cabinets which could be seen from the street. However, it is possible to find a smaller space. A Pozzetti shop does not need a lot of space if ice cream which is ready to eat is sold, since production space is not needed. At the same time, it does not need an exhibition area, because in line with this concept, the ice cream is sold through a narrative, through cleanliness, quality and charm. Our associates had in the meantime already sprung into action, which resulted in the fact that the first locations in Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, and Portoro┼ż opened their door. In all of this, we have recognized a wonderful opportunity for us, although the journey to the goal is long. Namely, our philosophy is the production of only top-quality products, and most of our clients come back to our ice cream cabinets. This is the ultimate condition that has to be realized, and a high quality product is precisely what we know how to do best. However, this also brings us back to the beginning, since we could not just copy the successful flavours from the 5L and 8L tub line. This new concept required everything made from scratch, and in line with this new overarching concept. After a thousand recipes, trials and errors, we have finally come up with an entirely new line of products. We have produced the Premis Pozzetti ice cream line from fresh milk and cream, without E numbers and gluten. The line also includes vegan options made with 50 % fruit and without any milk or lactose. As always, we made the ice cream from only the top-quality bases available on the market, without compromise. It is important to point out that, in manufacturing our products, we try to use raw materials from Croatia as much as we can (depending on the availability on the market), regardless of the price. We believe that the customers in the Pozzetti shops want the best and natural ingredients. We have also decided to offer some of the products from this line in our 5L and 8L tubs for the HORECA industry too. The new Premis Pozzetti ice cream is packed into 6L disposable plastic tubs which are inserted into special inox containers that we also offer. The inox containers are compatible with any standard Pozzetti ice cream. We also carry Pozzetti ice cream cabinet from the Italian manufacturers ITALPROGET, ISA and BRX. You can get more information on our website

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