Ice cream bases

For a number of years now, in addition to ice cream makers and ice cream cabinets in our offer, we also have ice cream bases for everyone that wants to produce their own ice cream. So far, we have represented two Italian manufacturers and offered our own ice cream bases. Since we are a large ice cream manufacturer, bases from all over the world are available to us, and we make a selection of the best novelties each year which we then use in the production of our ice cream. And seeing how we are a representative of one manufacturer, our customers who buy ice cream bases are limited to the novelties of just that manufacturer. Over the course of the 30 years that we have been active, we have learned that there isn’t a single manufacturer of ice cream bases whose entire offer consists of only the best products. Consequently, we have decided to offer our customers who buy ice cream bases something new that has never before been available on the market. A selection of for ice cream bases which comprises several manufacturers on the market. For the year 2021, our customers who buy ice cream bases will be able to choose products from more than 10 different market leaders on the market. Callebaut Belgian chocolate, Fugar Olvi and pistachio flavours, Galatea Bio, Vegan, Kefir products, Brunella…

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