Ice cream for the HORECA sector, 4.5L

In the very beginning, the 4.5L tubs for the HORECA sector were the first product we manufactured. Over the years, the product kept improving in quality thanks to innovation. When we started manufacturing ice cream in 1993, these types of packaging were meant for all types of establishments in the HORECA sector: coffee shops, confectioneries, restaurants, and hotels. When the 8L, and later on the 5L, tubs for the HORECA sector were placed on the market, the number of coffee shops, bars and confectioneries who ordered these types of tubs started dropping. Today, only the more upscale hotels and restaurants order these. By “upscale”, we mean restaurants and hotels where the price is not the decisive factor when selecting products, since there are a lot of cheaper products this size on the market. Our company’s philosophy is that we manufacture exclusively high quality products with only the best ingredients, which naturally affects the prices too. This is why only those buyers who want to offer their customers only the best buy our products. The 4.5L tubs of ice cream is packaged in disposable plastic tubs which are inserted into the 360x250xV80 inox tubs, which is the standard dimension for tubs most often used today. You can get more information on our website

Ice cream for the HORECA sector, 6L

A certain number of our customers wanted to have ice cream as an additional option in their offer, but did not have enough room in their facilities for a big ice cream cabinet. This is how we came up with the idea of the 6L tub. They are based on the 4.5L tubs (which were not as appealing because the tub is filled to the brim with ice cream) and it is also packaged in disposable plastic tubs which are inserted into the standard 360x250xV80 inox tubs. However, unlike the 4.5L tubs, in the 6L tubs, the ice cream is raised 7 cm over the edge, which is also why we had to get special lids so that the decorations would not get destroyed in transport and storing. This made the ice cream more appealing, which led to better sales of the product. In comparison to the 8L tubs, the only advantage of these tubs is that you are able to offer more flavours in a smaller space, but the appeal of product is significantly lower than the 8L tubs. In 2020, we introduced the brand new 6L tub made with unprecedented innovation and uncompromising quality. This also made us reduce the number of flavours, because the ice cream cabinets in which these products are displayed are smaller. We modelled them on the 5L tubs because we realized that the market had changed, and that we could only move forward with quality. The result was that even today the 6L tubs are a part of our premium line, and that every flavour has its own price. You can get more information on our website